We’ve built a reputation of trust by meeting the industry’s highest standards, on time and on budget.

We are committed to adding value through continuous process improvement.

Our employees are more than experts: they are attentive to every phase of your project, from design to delivery. We love what we do, and we’re committed to delivering the right results for every customer, every time.

Driven by a passion for construction, we are committed to excellence at every stage of our projects, from design to maintenance management. As a trusted contractor, we deliver our projects according to our customers’ expectations, while meeting the highest industry standards, on time and on budget.

We are mainly known for:

  • A customer-focused attitude
  • Employee well-being
  • The ability to constantly innovate
  • Qualified, trained and experienced staff
  • A vast array of modern, diversified equipment
  • Partners carefully selected for the quality of their work and their philosophy
  • A wealth of experience acquired over more than 60 years in the execution of government and industrial contracts.

ALLEN General Contractor Inc. and its departments and affiliated companies offer professional services for project management and execution, commissioning and follow-up management.

The management team

For construction projects delivered to your highest standards

With over 75 years of experience and achievements, ALLEN has a solid reputation as a general construction contractor, mainly in the fields of civil engineering, building, drilling and process mechanics.

Driven by a passion for construction, we are committed to excellence at every stage of our projects, from design to maintenance management. As a trusted contractor, we deliver our projects according to our customers’ expectations, while meeting the highest industry standards, on time and on budget. Driven by the human value involved in each of our contracts and guided by the cultural respect initiated by each of our projects, we add value through the continuous improvement of our processes, the deployment of adapted personnel and the recurrent renewal of our equipment fleet.

ALLEN is aiming for significant growth in the water infrastructure market. We are also committed to developing strategic relationships in a hybrid mode as both general and specialized contractors, covering all our departments and service offerings.

Including administrative staff, ALLEN now employs more than 200 dedicated people who are experts in their field.

The ALLEN executive team

Jean-Philippe Lefebvre

Chief Executive Officer

Jean-Philippe Lefebvre stands out as a strategic executive in the fields of engineering, construction, and turnkey projects.

With over 20 years of experience, he has built his reputation on an entrepreneurial vision and deep knowledge of the telecommunications industry.

His ability to lead ALLEN as CEO demonstrates his exceptional leadership and corporate strategy focused on growth and innovation.

A graduate of the University of Sherbrooke in civil engineering and with a certificate in project management, Jean-Philippe is also a member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec. His academic background is further enhanced by an MBA (CIEM) from HEC Montréal, providing him with a strong foundation in business and management.

Jean-Philippe is recognized for his ability to orchestrate multidisciplinary teams, manage profit centers, and lead company integrations following acquisitions. His strategic vision has proven crucial in positioning ALLEN in the water infrastructure market, notably through the establishment of an innovative executive committee and the management of a substantial investment budget.

He is fluent in both French and English, enabling him to communicate effectively in a global context.

With his expertise and proven strategy, Jean-Philippe Lefebvre represents a pillar of excellence and forward-thinking vision prevalent at ALLEN.

Management of profit centres (P&L) for business units with revenues of over $100 million.

Transformational leadership at FNX-INNOV, orchestrating a comprehensive restructuring for 400 employees, resulting in significant revenue and profitability growth.

Business Relationship Strategy at TÉLÉCON, overseeing the management of projects valued at $200M, including the deployment of fiber optic to the home across the territory of Ontario.

Nancy Plante


Ms. Plante has spent much of her career on large-scale international projects, from project development to start-up, design, construction, commissioning and operation. In addition to her technical skills, she is recognized for her strengths in planning and contract negotiation.

She joined ALLEN Entrepreneur Général inc. as VP Process Mechanics. She now holds the position of VP Organizational Performance, where she oversees the digital shift, continuous improvement and information technology.

Graduating from Laval University in 1994, Ms. Plante demonstrated deep technical skills and the ability to successfully carry out complex projects.

Recognized for her strategic planning and contract negotiation, she has held several leadership positions within ALLEN, affirming her role as a leader in improving organizational and technical processes.

In addition to her affiliation with the Quebec Order of Engineers and the Nunavut Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists (from 2018-2020), she continued her professional development through training in budget management, sustainable development, and wastewater treatment.

Nancy Plante is a key figure and civil engineer at ALLEN, her strategic vision and expertise significantly contributing to the organization’s performance and effectiveness.

Design and implementation of an advanced system for ozone generation and injection for the Atwater and Charles-J Des Baillets plants in Montreal in 2015, valued at $22M.

Expansion and modernization of a wastewater treatment plant in Vaudreuil, including the installation of an odor treatment system in 2016, a project valued at $30M.

Director at CWA mécanique de procédé and customer relations manager for a $28M project in Gatineau (Projet for the city of Gatineau). The project involved a complete upgrade of the drinking water treatment plant for the Buckingham sector.

Francois Paradis


François Paradis is a seasoned civil engineer who has dedicated over 13 years to reshaping the urban landscape and enhancing civil infrastructure at ALLEN.

A graduate in civil engineering, he is recognized for his technical expertise, precise management of large-scale projects, and his ability to lead teams to success.

As a civil engineering service director at ALLEN, François has masterfully orchestrated a multitude of significant projects, demonstrating his skill at balancing quality, cost, and schedule. His strategic vision, combined with a thorough understanding of the field, allows him to drive complex projects to completion, while adhering to the most stringent safety and engineering standards.

François is also committed to continual professional development, holding certifications in workplace first aid and in managing the impact of road works on traffic, which underscores his commitment to health and safety on construction sites.

His language skills in both French and English allow him to navigate multilingual environments with ease and to communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels.

François Paradis is undoubtedly a major asset for the executive team at ALLEN, embodying the company’s values of integrity, precision, and innovation with excellence.

Coordination of the complete refurbishment of the streets of La Châtellenie and Maires-Gauthier in Quebec in 2022, a project valued at $2.64 million.

Management of the Portneuf bypass project (roads and drainage) in 2018, with a significant budget of $3.21 million.

Supervision of the Sanitary Sewer Network Construction – East Sector in Neuville in 2018, a major project with an investment of $18.1 million.

Sacha Pelletier


Sacha Pelletier, a professional engineer, brings over 15 years of expertise in engineering and construction to ALLEN.

As the director of Forage NELLA, a division of ALLEN, he has been the conductor of estimation and execution projects since 2013, with a precision and dedication that distinguishes him in his field.

With a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Laval University, Sacha has been a respected member of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec since 2013. His career is marked by a series of additional trainings, ranging from general health and safety on construction sites to a specialization in drilling.

He is not only proficient in French and English, but also has knowledge of Spanish, which broadens his ability to communicate in an international environment.

Sacha Pelletier embodies the perfect blend of cutting-edge engineering and strategic leadership, thereby significantly contributing to the prestige and success of ALLEN.

Project management of Énergir’s Autoroute 13 in 2021, where he led the directional drilling over a distance of 400m, a project valued at $1.1M.

Pilot-tube horizontal drilling project management for Rio Tinto in 2021, representing a total of $1.4M.

Directional Drilling Supervision for Énergir Windsor in 2020, reflecting an investment of $1.4M.

Vincent Thénot


Vincent Thénot brings to ALLEN over two decades of accumulated expertise in construction and formwork.

As the Building and Formwork Director, he skillfully oversees the activities of his department, ensuring the precision of bids through to the execution of work.

His academic background includes an Advanced Technician’s Certificate in building construction, and a Diploma of General University Studies in life and earth sciences. Vincent is also equipped with additional training in the field of general safety on construction sites, expertise in concrete, and prevention of damage to underground infrastructures.

With a dozen years’ experience in construction outside Quebec, he has taken part in major public infrastructure projects for French companies operating internationally.

Vincent Thénot is a charismatic leader and an exceptional manager whose influence is palpable in every building constructed under his supervision at ALLEN.

Oversight of the expansion of the drinking water plant in Gatineau in 2013-2014, a major project valued at $27.8M.

Project management for the modernization of the process water treatment system at the Fruits d’Or factory in 2014, valued at $931K.

Construction coordination of a new wastewater treatment plant in La Malbaie in 2022, a project valued at $595K.

Daniel Davignon


Daniel Davignon, with over 30 years of experience in process mechanics and maintenance, holds the position of Director of Process Mechanics and Maintenance at ALLEN.

With sharp technical expertise and a strategic approach, he coordinates and leads the activities of his department with a constant focus on excellence and sustainability.

His academic background includes a degree in plumbing and heating, supplemented by additional training in industrial drafting and safety management on construction sites. His ability to manage large-scale projects is proven and supported by a strong understanding of labor relations regimes, legislation, and construction work management.

Bilingual, Daniel is fluent in French and has intermediate English skills, enabling him to operate effectively in a multilingual environment.

Daniel Davignon is an essential figure within ALLEN, his experience and dedication play a pivotal role in the company’s ongoing success.

Leadership in the upgrade of the Sherbrooke wastewater treatment plant in 2018, with a budget of $740K.

Project coordination for the replacement of equipment at the Sherbrooke wastewater treatment plant in 2022, a significant project valued at $538K.

Management of the Unibec Drinking Water Treatment System Modernization Project in 2017, valued at $750K.

Martine Coulombe


Martine Coulombe oversees all activities related to human resource management, from health and safety at work to recruitment, as well as the development of an inspiring company culture.

In this role, she actively participates in the management team on a multitude of projects aimed at making ALLEN an employer that stands out, both to its clientele and its employees.

Before joining our team in 2022, she held several managerial positions in various sectors, thus bringing recognized and tangible expertise to the benefit of the company and its diverse departments.

Administrative and HR Director at GardaWorld

HR/HSE Manager at Polaris Construction

Human Resources Advisor and Consultant at Technominex Services

Hugo Couture


Hugo Couture is a renowned mechanical engineer with over two decades of rewarding experience in the construction and process mechanics sectors.

Currently serving as the Process Mechanical Director at ALLEN, he is the cornerstone ensuring the orchestration of department activities, guaranteeing precision and efficiency of the projects under his leadership.

Armed with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering, his technical education is further complemented by collegiate studies in building mechanics and professional training in industrial mechanics. His professional trajectory illustrates a deep commitment to innovation and engineering excellence, values that he infuses into every project.

Endowed with sharp expertise, he has successfully led projects of great complexity, always with a keen eye on quality and performance. His know-how is also recognized in the implementation of high standards of safety and fall protection, as well as in the mastery of the most modern lifting devices.

As a key member of the ALLEN executive team, Hugo Couture embodies the commitment, expertise, and dedication that are at the heart of the company’s success.

Project management of the Charles-Des Baillets ozonation project in Montreal in 2012, with an impressive value of $8.5 million.

Management of the Rio Tinto Alcan dam project in 2017, reflecting a value of $8M and highlighting its expertise in heavy mechanics.

Management of the HQ Manic 2 dam project in 2019, a major $5M project, showcasing the ability to handle large-scale projects and achieve exceptional results.